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The #1 SEO Myth

By           |         March 12, 2015      |         Blog      |        Comments Off on The #1 SEO Myth

wrongJust write great content and other websites will naturally link to you, and your site will rise in the search engine rankings.

Have you ever read something like that? It’s the #1 myth (lie) in SEO today.

Yes, this does work, although it doesn’t work well (and it’s slow), and in some industries doesn’t work at all.

Can you imagine your local friendly roofing contractor writing some very compelling, world class content about roofs, and the world linking to it? Doubt it.

Does that roofing contractor even have time to write (consistently) compelling, world-class content?

If your business is in the tech industry, fashion, travel, or any other industry with interesting daily trends, new product launches, and more, this strategy “might” work to push your search engine rankings to the top.

If you’re in the construction trades, law, or any other industry that could be deemed “boring” by the general public, this strategy isn’t likely to produce significant search engine rankings for your website, and even if it did, you likely won’t have the time to do it consistently.

This “write it, and the world will link to you” strategy has been tested hundreds of times, and it doesn’t work for most businesses, even though it’s pushed by many in the seo industry.

The better and faster strategy is to hire an seo expert that works to actively market your content, website, and brand which will push your site to the top, drive new targeted traffic and leads directly to you, hands-free.