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New Google Spam Algorithm Update?

By           |         August 3, 2015      |         Blog      |        Comments Off on New Google Spam Algorithm Update?

Blackhat SEO forums were busy over the weekend with speculation of a new Google update. Since Blackhatters aren’t afraid of breaking Google’s TOS, they usually know ahead of time when an update targeting spammy sites is run. Over the weekend I noticed some fluctuations in keywords we’re tracking, but nothing major, maybe 1-3 positions at most. At the sametime, the blackhat forums were noticing much larger position fluctuations, this is likely because they’re using those tactics that Google frowns upon. I’ll continue to watch this, as it’s not likely a penguin update, but could be part of the slow panda algorithm update rolling out, or it could be nothing at all.

cheapseoDuring these updates it’s usually blackhat sites, or legitimate small business sites that hired a cheap seo “expert” that get hit and see traffic/ranking drops. This brings up a topic that I’ll post about later titled – “How low budget SEO will destroy your business”. Low budget SEO literally has no value, and in some cases has a tremendous negative value, especially if you rely heavily on traffic from the search engines. It’s just not possible to produce quality SEO for less than $500 per month. This is especially true if you’re in a competitive market like travel, healthcare, professional trades, law, etc… It’s buyer beware when you get that tempting email from someone telling you they can rank your site on the first page of Google for $200 per month. If they actually do, it will be short lived and when you’re penalized, you’ll lose an enormous amount of business. We’ll talk more about this later, but for now, find a quality SEO expert. Just like anything in life, “you get what you pay for”.

Did your site move up or down this weekend? If you lost positioning and you’re paying for SEO, make sure your SEO company isn’t using spammy techniques to inflate your ranking. It will always come back to bite you.